Solinguis has hand-picked a team of language solution experts to handle all your global communication projects.


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Sarah de Oliveira, projects and communications lead.

A passionate linguist with boundless curiosity and determination, Sarah handle complex projects with impressive pragmatism.

Her intercultural experiences – university studies in China and Portugal – have equipped her to adapt to new situations, and she has a deep understanding of the challenges presented by the projects we look after for our clients. With qualifications in international trade relations, Sarah is very goal-oriented, 100% focused on meeting your needs.

She is also our networking officer. Learn more about her on our social media channels!

Samuel Angora, legal translation project manager.

With an optimistic outlook, unfaltering determination, and a natural inclination towards diplomacy, Samuel is your go-to expert for all your legal translation needs.

His fascination with languages and passion for building intercultural connections led him to embark on studies in law, international relations and linguistics. It was then only natural for him to carve out a path as a lawyer-linguist, specialising in French and English.

Samuel further honed his skills during an internship at Solinguis, where he gained invaluable insight into translation practices and the legal sphere. His in-depth understanding of the company and the intricacies of legal translation make him ideally qualified to oversee your legal translation projects.

Clément Dondon, translation strategy manager.

Determined, strategic and adaptable, Clément is your ideal partner for managing translation projects with efficiency and expertise.

As a German language specialist with a professional master's degree in translation, he has a thorough understanding of the industry.

Clément’s logical thinking, his love of languages, and his unwavering dedication to problem-solving give him a unique edge. Solinguis is thrilled to welcome Clément aboard, as we know he will make an invaluable contribution to the new perspectives that the company wants to shape for the future.

Marion Le Caisne, our multi-talented managing director.


A creator through and through, always on the lookout for new solutions, Marion manage Solinguis with remarkable agility.

He former career as an interior designer has given her an unrivalled ability to anticipate, visualise and organise. Her experience as a conference interpreter also means she brings practical knowledge to the table across the company's flagship activities.

Our eco-minded manager pours her heart and soul into the agency’s growth an continuous improvement, building positive working relationships with clients and partners. Solinguis benefits from Marion’s rigorous and conscientious attitude, as well as her loyalty and great sense of humour.


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Our teams of translators and interpreters are made up of professionals selected for their technical, writing or creative skills. All our translators work into their mother tongue; our copywriters also work in their mother tongue; and our interpreters usually work in both directions.

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