Who are we?


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First and foremost, Solinguis is a strategic partner for your growth on the international stage. We offer bespoke global language solutions to support you with all your multilingual projects.

Solinguis surpasses the role of a conventional translation and

interpreting company, providing guidance to help you optimise your

intercultural communications strategy.

Solinguis is a global company through and through.


We work with large multinational groups as well as small companies across the European continent.


Our history, ambitions and company culture are shaped by our Franco-German identity. We even have offices in both Paris and Berlin!

Paris office:

63 Bd Poniatowski, 75012 Paris

Berlin office:

Flotowstraße 9, 10555 Berlin

Nowadays, the company seeks to extend its skills and exacting standards to cover the full range of language services. That's why we describe ourselves as “The global language solution” and strive to topple any obstacle standing in the way of effective communication between different language communities. 

Our multilingual, multicultural team is ready to advise you in your preferred language, whether that be French, German or English.


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We aim to become one of the leading European players facilitating intercultural exchange, by adapting to even the most specific and demanding of requests.

It is crucial that individuals, companies and organisations are able to communicate across linguistic and cultural barriers.

The language services industry is undergoing rapid, far-reaching change, and Solinguis is changing alongside it. We are constantly working on new ways of optimising our methods and solutions, taking into account recent technological innovations. We think this open attitude towards progress is essential, and goes hand-in-hand with a critical and collaborative mindset.

Our small team is the secret behind our strength, because less is more.


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Our core values are equity and integrity. They are the common threads running through our code of conduct.


In our quest for continuous improvement, we must keep in mind that our ability to listen to our clients and demonstrate our reliability are the pillars of our success. Every single relationship we build with a client is unique and we never take it for granted.

The way we work is based on the principle that only by listening attentively to our partners and adopting an open mind will we be able to achieve the quality objectives we have set ourselves.


Likewise, in terms of our internal operations, we understand that good governance will allow each of us to move forward, both individually and as a group. Every decision affecting how the company is run is made after consulting the entire in-house team.


Last but not least, we are taking action to limit our impact on the environment as far as we possibly can. Read our Environmental and Social Responsibility (ESR) Charter to find out more.


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We know you expect us to deliver the very best!


Quality has been a hot topic for several decades now, and particularly since ISO standards were introduced to meet the international requirements of major industries. We need to make the distinction between the quality of a product and that of an organisation

(quality management according to the ISO 9001:2000 standard).


For everything we produce, at Solinguis our aim is to ensure that high quality is delivered at every stage. This approach is embedded in our culture. Regardless of the circumstances, we always strive for excellence. We do so to meet our clients’ expectations, of course, but also to live up to our own standards. Our organisational quality allows us to provide you with what we produce in the best way possible.


It’s about that all-important attention to detail.


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Key dates

1990: Marion Le Caisne joins Bender & Partner as a conference interpreter and sales manager

1996: The company achieves ISO 9001 certification (which later became ISO 9001:2000)

2000: Marion Le Caisne leaves the company to focus on a new business venture

2019: Mr & Mrs Bender sells Bender & Partner to Marion Le Caisne, who returns to her roots with solid management experience under her belt

2021: Bender & Partner becomes Solinguis

2023: The Berlin offices open

Paris office:


+33 (0)1 53 23 96 20

63 Bd. Poniatowski

75012 Paris

Berlin office:


Flotowstr. 9

10555 Berlin