In order to address new societal and environmental challenges to the best of our ability, we have committed to an Environmental and Social Responsibility initiative. We intend for this initiative to be an opportunity to ensure we are making progress, and a tool to help us develop together. This is a step we need to take as a company, is beneficial for our employees and partners and, more broadly-speaking, for civil society as a whole.

We have set out our commitments formally in our Environmental and Social Responsibility (ESR) Charter, a reference document soon to be accompanied by an Environmental Responsibility Guide enabling employees to make their own proactive commitment alongside the company.


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We have introduced several measures to cultivate a fulfilling work environment for our employees:

  • Individual monitoring: All our employees are individually supported by management as they progress in their careers with Solinguis. By fostering dialogue and mutual understanding, management is able to guide employees in their professional development. We encourage staff to expand their skills and deepen their knowledge by defining personal goals, providing training, and adapting the way we organise the team to create an environment in which everyone is able to thrive.
  • Sharing responsibilities and skills: To help everyone find where they fit and be able to progress within the group, regular collaborative workshops are organised around a range of themes (adopting a participatory management style).
  • Physical and mental wellbeing: As a company, we place the wellbeing of each and every team member at the heart of the way we run our business. For us, it's a prerequisite for growth. The workstation ergonomics and comfort of every employee is considered on a daily basis.

All Solinguis partners are respected in the same way that we respect our in-house staff:      

  • We work hard to prevent all forms of undeclared labour.   
  • We pay everyone in line with their qualifications and we promote proper working conditions so that everyone is able to make a dignified living from their work.      
  • We pay partner fees within 30 days.

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Support for non-profit organisations: Solinguis supports several carefully selected organisations helping the most disadvantaged members of society. In addition, the manager of Solinguis has long been a committed and active private supporter of various human rights and environmental protection initiatives.


Membership of the United Nations Global Compact: Solinguis plans to join the Global Compact, a sustainable development initiative launched in 2000 by former United Nations Secretary General, Kofi

Annan. This decision aligns with our financial, human and environmental objectives, allowing them to have a clearer influence on how we structure our approach to sustainable development and to send a strong message to our partners. As a member of the Global Compact, the world’s most important corporate citizenship initiative, Solinguis will commit to extending its promotion of the ten fundamental principles – on human rights, labour rights, the environment and the fight against corruption – beyond its own activities and throughout its sphere of influence.


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At Solinguis, we have been selecting our suppliers in accordance

with sustainable development criteria since March 2019. We also plan to develop a Responsible Purchasing Charter, which will formally set out the ESR requirements we demand from our suppliers.


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Solinguis operates a waste collection and processing policy.

Rubbish bins for recyclable materials are provided for employees, used IT consumables are collected, sorted and reused, as are any objects no longer in use (i.e. Miscellaneous furniture and supplies).


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In an effort to reduce our carbon footprint, we apply the

following regulations to our computer systems and their use:

  • IT equipment is routinely switched off when not in use
  • Printing operations are as frugal as possible (by reducing the volume printed, printing in black and white, double-sided printing, routinely previewing documents prior to printing, etc.)
  • Unused printed paper is used as scrap or note paper    
  • Consumables (paper, toners, cartridges) are collected and recycled
  • We plan for equipment end-of-life.

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All members of our in-house team use public transport, walk

or cycle to get to work. In short, everyone at Solinguis plays a proactive role in our company's overall approach to sustainability and corporate social responsibility. This is how we express our shared desire to conduct our business with respect for the fundamental values of corporate citizenship.

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